DVA Cards Eligibility

As part of their Veteran support programs, the DVA can issue an identification card to Veterans who qualify for the potential benefits and support that the card entitles. A DVA issued Veteran Card gives you access to a range of benefits, from providing Veterans with a range of medical treatment assistance, services, and supports all the way to simple discounts at participating stores. In order to receive a DVA card you must first meet the DVA cards eligibility requirements, which differ from card to card.

The Types of Cards and Different DVA Cards Eligibility

There are three different types of Veteran’s cards each with their own DVA cards eligibility and associated entitlements:

The Veteran White Card

The White Card is the most commonly held veteran card, and is available to current and former ADF members, including some reservists and cadets. A Veteran White Card provides you access to treatment for accepted, service related, conditions and all mental health conditions if you are a veteran with continuous full-time service or meet certain reserve service requirements.

The Veteran Orange Card

The Orange Card gives you access to prescription medicines, wound care items and nutritional supplements at a concession rate. When buying prescription items, you will need to pay $7.30 for each item until you reach your Safety Net Threshold for the calendar year. If you choose a non-generic brand, you may need to pay an additional amount. The Veteran Orange Card cannot be used for medical or other healthcare treatment and extends only to prescription medication.

The Veteran Gold Card

The Veteran Gold Card provides clinically required treatment for all medical conditions, however it also has a much more specific criteria for eligibility than any other card.

One feature shared by all cards, however, is that any regardless of the specific DVA card eligibility, all cards can provide a way for the Australian community to recognise and connect with veterans and acknowledge your service to the nation. This means that Veteran Card holders can get access to discounts and benefits from participating businesses, via the Australian Partners of Defence (APOD). It is up to each business or organisation to decide what concessions and benefits they will give to Veterans, but it is still a worthwhile benefit that rightfully acknowledges a Veteran’s service.

What Are the DVA Cards Eligibility and Who Can Receive What?

As discussed previously, the DVA Cards eligibility range from card to card. The White Veteran Card eligibility requires you to first off be a current or former Australian Defence Force (ADF) member, including reservists and cadets, with a service-related injury or condition accepted by the DVA. You can also be a Commonwealth or Allied veteran with a service-related injury or condition accepted by your country of service, living in Australia and still be awarded with a Veterans White Card.

You can also be eligible for mental health cover under the Veteran white card if you have at least one day of continuous full-time service (CFTS) with the ADF. Alternatively, if are a reservist and have completed disaster relief service, border protection service, or were involved in a serious service-related training accident, you can also receive this cover.

To fulfill the DVA Cards eligibility for an orange card you must fulfill all the conditions of the white card, in addition to a few other select conditions. The orange card specific conditions include having a qualifying service from the Second World War while also being a resident of Australia for a minimum of 10 years.

Unlike the previous two cards, you must only meet one of the following criteria in order to receive a gold card. To be eligible you must be either,  a veteran who is aged 70 years or over and has qualifying service, is an ex-prisoner of war, served in Japan between 16 August 1945 and 30 January 1946, served as part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force between 31 January 1946 and 28 April 1952; or participated in the British Nuclear Test program in Australia. You can also receive a gold Veteran card if you receive a Disability Compensation Payment at 100% of the general rate or higher or receive a Disability Compensation Payment at 50% of the general rate or higher while also receiving a Service Pension.

How Do I Get My Card?

In order to receive a Veteran card from the DVA you must first meet all the relevant DVA Cards eligibility requirements, be receiving payouts from the DVA, or fill out an application if you are yet to receive any payments.

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