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As an Australian Veteran having to deal with changes to both your health, employment, and lifestyle, working with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs’ can be difficult, not withstanding the complicated process for submitting DVA Claims. With the aim of providing a range of services and support intended to assist Veterans to manage any injuries both physical and psychological that have occurred during active service, the DVA can be a great support to Veterans in Australia.

However, due to a highly regulated government nature, understanding, preparing and submitting claims to the Department of Veterans Affairs can be incredibly overwhelming and confusing.

At AusVeterans, we understand that, sometimes this process can be too much to manage without any help, and that’s what we aim to provide. Whether you are currently serving, retired, have been recently medically discharged from the ADF, or this is a path you have walked for a while; we can make your DVA claim submissions easy, the first step in ensuring you receive the treatment and support you are entitled to.

DVA Claims

What is the advantage of having my DVA Claim accepted?

As previously stated, The Department of Veterans Affairs exists to provide a range of services and support intended to assist Veterans to manage any injuries both physical and psychological that have occurred during active service.

Veterans who have been impacted by changes to their health during service are able to access the following services to maintain their independence and quality of life. These services can range from;

  1. One-off treatment,
  2. Ongoing care and support,
  3. Health care,
  4. Dental,
  5. All mental health care,
  6. Lawn moving services,
  7. House cleaning,
  8. Laundry,
  9. Household chores,
  10. Home modifications,
  11. Vehicle modifications, and
  12. Financial compensation.

These are all great initiatives by DVA, however, the first step in all of this is to submit your Initial Liability Claims through DVA. Thats where we come in.

We can complete your initial liability claims in approx 8 weeks with no cost, no commission, catches and no fees to you.

What is a DVA claim and who can make a DVA claim?

Who is entitled to submit a DVA initial liability claim?

A DVA Initial Liability Claim is an application submitted to DVA by an ADF veteran, either retired or currently serving, requesting DVA accept liability for injuries. and medical conditions due to service rendered to the Australian Defence Force.

Ideally these claims will provide assistance to the veteran and cover the associated costs of allied health services that treat eligible Veterans. This financial assistance can include the medical, hospital and any other treatment cost that is incurred by a Veteran in their rehabilitation process.

A DVA claim can also be made to help support a Veteran whose capacity to work in the civilian context has been impacted by their ailments, through welfare programs such as the SRDP or the Incapacity Payment program. Both of these types of support can be extremely beneficial to a Veteran and have been earnt thanks to their acts of service for their country.

The DVA claim process is open to any veteran of the ADF. However, as with most financial legislation, the claim must meet certain criteria and factors. These criteria and factors can be found here at the DVA Click website.

What is the process for filing for a DVA Claim

How can I submit my DVA Claims?

Submitting a DVA Claim can be daunting, and often just finding where to start the process can be a challenge.

AusVeterans can make this super easy. We have developed a streamlined process that enables us to locate and gather evidence regarding all of the injuries and illnesses associated with your career in the ADF.  We then raise the medico-legal report required by DVA to accept your Initial liability claim, and submit them with you.

AusVeterans Dva claim submission process is not the only way, of course, we just know how to, find more and do it more efficiently.


At AusVeterans, we take the pressure off you with a simple, straightforward, and stress-free DVA Initial Liability Claims process, which may result in claims being accepted faster, and will result in an easier process, regardless of the outcome. That’s why we do what we do at AusVeterans – To give you the support you deserve in your return to civilian life. We go through a full medical document audit, raise all required documentation including our clients consulting with our doctors, then assist you with submission. Take the stress out of claiming just contact us here, or fill out the form at the top of this page.


You can approach an Advocate, however, they are under-resourced and often don’t do it full time, plus they have a number of other duties and responsibilities as an advocate. Most advocates will submit the DVA claims you would like through a system called PRODA – which will not show on your MYGOV immediately.

SELF LODGEMENT – (not recommended)

The other way is to lodge DVA Claims yourself online in theDVA claims portal in your MYGOV. Keep in mind you will need to have the DVA component linked to your MYGOV portal.

AusVeterans aim to provide expert DVA Injury and DVA Claims reporting and submission services for all Veteran and current serving ADF members FREE of charge. No commissions, no fees and no catches. If your unsure fill out the form above and ask us a few questions or check out our FAQ’s page here.

As Veterans, we’ve been there too, and know the time and effort it takes for you to have your service injuries accepted by DVA. We are also acutely aware of the heartache of seeing your legitimate claims being rejected due to incorrect claiming or not meeting a factor of the DVA legislation. After a life of service to your country, you deserve to have these recognised and looked after.