DVA Claims Brisbane

DVA Claims Brisbane

As an ADF Veteran dealing with changes to both your health, employment and lifestyle, you’re going to find yourself working with the DVA to process DVA claims and get the financial support you’re entitled to. As a Brisbane resident, you may be wondering how DVA Claims Brisbane work, and what exactly needs to be submitted in person.

The DVA has an online portal for the submission of DVA claims and supporting paperwork, but they additionally have local offices where you can submit claims and seek advice. If you’re in Brisbane and looking for DVA Claims Brisbane related advice, or need to submit documents and applications in person, then going to the central office might be your best option.

What Can DVA Claims Brisbane Provide?

The DVA provides a range of services and support intended to assist veterans in managing injuries, both physical and psychological, that have occurred during active service. These services usually revolve around financial compensation or assistance provided to those who meet set eligibility requirements for different programs.

These programs include the SRDP or the DVA Incapacity Payment program and are known as DVA payouts. To access these DVA payouts, a veteran is required to make a DVA claim, which will then be processed internally before a decision is made as to the amount of assistance the DVA can provide. A DVA claim can be made at any DVA office but is more frequently submitted online through a services Australia portal.

What Is A DVA Claim and Who Can Make a Claim?

To put it simply, DVA Claims Brisbane and Australia wide all use the same format, functioning as an application submitted to DVA by ADF Veterans, requesting compensation and assistance with the treatment of injuries, diseases and ailments that the ADF member obtained during their service. DVA claim process is open to any former member of the ADF, with all eligible to claim support in treating illness, injury or ailments that occurred during active service.

However, as with most financial legislation, there are specifics conditions to claims that are afforded to some and not others. As such, it is important to understand your right to claim to ensure that you are getting exactly what you have earned through your service.

These rights to claim are outlined in the associated legislation for DVA.

How Do I File A DVA Claim?

That’s easy – just contact us to get the ball rolling. We do everything for you. We have a team of DVA Claim specialists and Doctors just waiting for you to assist.



Where Else Can I Get Support?

While DVA will be the main entity dealing with your DVA Claims if you are a Brisbane resident, you can turn to AusVeterans for all the help you need with your DVA initial liability claims.

Owned and operated by Veterans, AusVeterans knows what it’s like to be in a Veteran’s shoes and how frustrating and overwhelming the DVA claims process can be. We are passionate about assisting Veterans with their DVA initial liability claims, and we offer genuine trust, integrity and empathy along the way.

So, if you’re looking for support with your DVA Claims Brisbane, or anywhere in Australia, then look no further than AusVeterans – we’re here to help, and we provide this service completely free to Veterans.